The Tale of Two Moms and an Uncle

The adventure story of creating My Little Adventurer.

In a not so far far away land… a place where it’s always warm and sunny, met three people named Angela, Amelie and Kevin who was brought together by work and common friends.

Little did they know, that after three years from separating and moving on their different lives, they will reunite to build something that awesome kids around the world would enjoy.

When Angela and her family moved to London, she quickly transformed from executive manager to being a full time stay-at-home mom. One day, she noticed her young toddler insistently grabbing her phone whenever she was on it. She then got anxious on the effect of mobile devices. She feared that gadgets, being highly “interactive” might badly condition her son’s appetite for reading – something both her and her husband strongly believe that every child should develop. And so she started exploring ideas on how to make reading interactive. In the process, she has created a book that not only interest children by making them the hero but also activating their creative thinking by letting them in control of the flow of the story.

She called it My Little Adventurer, inspired by her then 9 month old little explorer.

Wanting to have more kids to enjoy the book, she started tossing ideas with Kevin, who has been “playing” around webmarketing for many years, then both decided to bring the idea and product to life. But there was a more thing they needed. They needed someone who has an experience in creating books and who is passionate in encouraging kids to read. Naturally, good friend Amélie came to mind, who herself has an active little boy. Amélie loved the idea and decided to join conquest.

After one year of product development, inspired and on a mission to nurture children’s love for reading and help them become an engaged happy reader through personalised, interactive story books, the three worked tirelessly together to create and launch My Little Adventurer. It now lets anyone create their own personalised, choose how the story goes book and received it anywhere.

And so the story goes on…

Join our adventure.

We like working with sprightly and creative people. If you want to create something nice and collaborate with us, come say hi.



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